About the gallery

About the gallery

Welcome to our Internet gallery.
The website is devoted to real art.

We present works of art by Jan Siedlecki, a Polish designer and artist whose main interests have focused on glass for many years. All the presented pieces are of unique character as they are not produced massively. The artist uses his experience gained in the field of glass technology and glass design in his passion.

All the works presented here are the artist's ideas which have resulted from extensive knowledge of glass and its processing. The works have been rewarded many times and received recognition during art exhibitions, competitions in Poland and abroad. They have also been purchased as select gifts, elegant decor elements and interior arrangement. Recently, the artist has decided to open his production of his studies period to the public. Among many pieces of art, we can distinguish graphics and sketches produced in the following technologies: monotyping, linoleum print, serigraph, water - colour and ink drawing.

Our offer of cooperation

We offer a variety of cooperation forms regarding design and pattern - design in:

  • Artistic glass - the offer is dedicated to individual clients
  • Glassware - the offer is dedicated to glass works, companies and individual clients
  • Graphics and painting
  • Elements of interior decor
  • Modern design

Moreover, we are able to realize artistic glass on orders according to a client"s demand after an earlier consultation